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About Our Dance School in Erial, NJ

When Miss Marguerite first married her husband, Harry, she wanted to continue teaching children the love of dance. She approached the Pastor of her church, St. Edward's located in Pine Hill, New Jersey, and asked him if she could teach children to dance in the church basement and donate a good portion of the proceeds to the church. This arrangement worked well for a few years, but soon the church decided that it did not have room for a dance program.

However, Miss Marguerite did not want to give up teaching dance. Miss Marguerite and Harry bought a house with a basement apartment. Harry and Miss Marguerite's dad, Joseph DiNuova, gutted the basement apartment as quickly as possible after her being let go from the church. Together they built and constructed the studio which opened its doors in September of 1977. Eden School of Dance opened with eleven students. The first recital was held in the Knights of Columbus Hall in Hilltop, New Jersey, where the audience sat at tables and enjoyed cake and coffee during the show.

Today, we have several hundred students and a staff of nine teachers. Our recitals are held at Timber Creek High School which seats over 1000 people. Some of our very first students have returned to our school to register their children for dance class.

Miss Marguerite has certainly been blessed over the years with wonderful students, parents and especially her family. It is truly hard after all this time to separate her dance family from her regular family. Her prayer always was and still is that she be able to pass on the love of dance to all she has the privilege of teaching.

More About Miss Marguerite Eden

Miss Marguerite began taking dance lessons when she was 8 years old at Dee's school of dancing in Runnemede, New Jersey. Her teacher, Miss Delores Patrone, instilled in her a love of dance that continues even to this day. During her days as a student, she performed in many USO shows throughout the Philadelphia/New Jersey Region. She entered the Dance Teacher Training Program as a teenager. She completed a 2-year apprenticeship and a 4-year hands-on training program, making a total of 6 training years.

Miss Marguerite graduated from the Dance Teachers Training Program in June of 1968. She attended Boston College where she studied liturgical dance and also attended Pierce Junior Business College. Miss Marguerite still continues her dance education; she attends seminars on a regular basis and takes master classes with some of the world's most renowned dance teachers. Miss Marguerite is a member of Dance Educators of America and a former Officer of International Teachers of Dance Association.

What Our Students Say

At Eden School of Dance, my children are not just a number, they are a name. It is a very family oriented studio and the teachers not only teach the art of dance, they make it fun for the kids.
– The Flagg Family